Training and Transactional Analysis


I am a qualified trainer and teach TA both locally and at various venues around the UK.

I am a specialist in Gender Variance and offer a one or two day workshop in this fascinating and important area.

Contact me via the contact box or on 07806 717905 for more information and bookings.

Coming Up:

On line training in Gender Diversity during the autumn and winter, dates to be confirmed shortly.

Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality enabling us to understand the basis of behaviour, communication and the way we interact with others.

Using a three part model known as the ego state model of Parent, Adult and Child we can begin to understand how people function and why they behave in a particular way.


If I am responding to events going on around me in an adult way, I am in my Adult ego state


If I am responding to events in a way that is reminiscent of a parent or parent figure, I am likely to be in my Parent ego state. This can be nurturing, critical, or a mixture of the two.


If I am responding to events in a way that I did when I was a child, I am in my Child ego state.

This theory of child development is based on the idea that children formulate a life plan or script by the age of seven which provides the basis for future development and decision making. Sometimes we get stuck in these childhood strategies and this can have a negative or  harmful effect on our adult life. Looking at your life both past and present can help you to understand your own behaviour and to make changes to the way you communicate and relate to other people in your personal and professional life.

Certified Transactional Analyst

Why choose a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist?

In contrast to some practitioners who are able to use the title of ‘psychotherapist’ after only two years of training, a Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist’s qualification process is extremely rigorous, as it has to meet two sets of criteria. In addition to those of the ‘Gold’ standard of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), which requires qualification to Masters Level, as a Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist I have achieved the rigorous criteria of the European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA). Under these two bodies as a minimum requirement a Certified Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist must:

  • Have completed no less than four years of post-graduate psychotherapy training of at least 900 hours (including supervision).
  • Have no less than 750 hours of previous experience as a practitioner, at least 50 of which must be with couples or groups.
  • Have been supervised by a senior practitioner all through the process at a rate of one hour of supervision for every six hours of work with clients.
  • Understand mental ill health through undertaking a placement with psychiatric specialists.
  • Abide by professional ethics required by both UKCP and EATA.
  • Have engaged in their own personal therapy for no less than the duration of their training.
  • Submit evidence each year to demonstrate they are continuing their professional development before and after qualification.
  • Submit and pass a written Dissertation/Case Study of no less 24,000 words.
  • Understand child & adult psychological development.
  • Have passed an oral examination with a panel of four Certified Transactional Analysts.